Tuesday, 18 July 2017


Singapore, 13 July 2017 – This July, Singapore Food Festival (SFF) returns to Chinatown Food Street (CFS) for the 4th consecutive year!This 2-day event held on 29 – 30 July 2017 will transport visitors to their happiest childhood moments and younger years through heritage recipes prepared by local hawkers, realistic 80s ambience, interactive 80s games, as well as memory jogging sights and sounds. 

Food and Ambience

As the event transcends into a more advanced era, visitors can also expect a larger and more exciting celebration of Singapore’s culinary heritage at this year’s 50 Cents Fest. Foodies will be thrilled to find a wider selection of nostalgic eats as the entire CFS undergoes an 80s makeover and replays a snippet of Singapore’s 1980s street hawker and bazaar scene live!

They will also get to savour authentic 80s flavours as local hawkers dish out heritage and long-lost dialect recipes such as the Hokkien Rickshaw Noodle, UFO (Fried Oyster Cake), Hakka Abacus Seed, Red Glutinous Wine Chicken, Teochew Ah Balling, Ice Ball and more! Feast with 50 Cents! 

Just like last year, visitors will be able to enjoy the wide variety of heritage food at as little as 50 cents!  More than 40 dishes can be enjoyed at The 50 Cents Fest with more than 20 dishes priced at just 50 cents! Street Fun Not to be missed are also the interactive 80s classic games and pastimes lined along CFS as well as its alleyways. The 50 Cents Fest promises non-stop fun for the young and old as they duel with friends on a game of hopscotch in the side alley, make a mushy song dedication through an old radio station, go biscuit shopping with family at the mama shop and singalong to live Xin Yao performances! 

Don’t miss out on this one-time opportunity to experience 1980s Singapore once again at The 50 Cents Fest, presented by Chinatown Food Street! 

Event Details at a Glance: 
Event Venue: Chinatown Food Street, Smith Street, Chinatown, Singapore 29 July 2017, 
Saturday: 12pm – 11pm 30 July 2017, Sunday: 11am – 11pm

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Monster Day Tours - Foodie Express @ Chinatown

Monster Day Tour change perspective of travel. Instead of going overseas to explore, they provide unique tour experience to travellers such as free walking tour to Chinatown and Little India, Singapore After Dark, Night Cycling and etc. I'm honored to join one of the Foodie Express tour at Chinatown on a Sunday Afternoon. Based on the word ' Foodie Express' , I believe you should know that there are many foods to enjoy during this tour.  Do scroll down to see what I had experienced during the tour. 

Before the tour begins, we met at Exit A Chinatown and our first food stop is 'Bee Cheng Hiang'. Yummy Bakkwa ~ 

We then proceeded our tour and the tour guide explained to us the history of Chinatown. 

Interestingly in the shop houses can occupy up to 40 people. With a small tiny room can actually live a typical life for a family of 8. And do you know ? The cubicle also came with a peep-hold in the floor which basically help the family to keep a lookout for any knocks on the door downstairs late at night which they don't require to climb up and down the stairs. 


Chinatown Complex Food Center (A.K.A Kreta Ayer Market) located along the road sides of Smith Street is one of the largest hawker center in Singapore with over 260 food stalls offers wide varieties of local dishes such as Popiah , Laksa, Char Kway Teow and more. Just like what I had mentioned earlier, you will definitely get to enjoy different local delights. So just empty your stomach and enjoy the food while the Monster Day Tour in-charge serve the food on the table. 
Yummylicious ~

Bird's Eye View of Chinatown ~~

Oldest Hindu Temple in Singapore, the Sri Mariamman Temple. 

Since you are in Chinatown. How can they forgotten the Michelin-Starred Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice? Best of all, I don't need to queue for long hours just to eat their Chicken Rice. Perhaps because they ordered too early and packed before that, I just feel that the rice is a little bit dry. Overall, nice experience eating their tender chicken.

After the food coma, we then proceeded to a Temple (Buddha Tooth Relic Temple & Museum) located in the Chinatown district that was built in 2007.

Click on the Link: https://www.monsterdaytours.com/ to find our what interesting tour they have.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

A Better Florist - A place that you can learn Flower Hacks and Basic Floristry

A Better Florist - They offer fresh flowers directly from flower farms in the Cameron Highlands to provide affordable price. And guess what? They provide online florist delivery services across Singapore in just 90 minutes with just a few clicks and you are able to send an arrangement of fresh flowers to anyone in Singapore on the same day.

Use my code: "RUIYING20" for 20% off 

Instead of purchasing flower from the mortar flower shops or online, why not learn some basic skills which include modern floral arrangements and flower care? Every Saturday, A Better Florist opens it doors for its weekly Flower Jam Session. You can get to enjoy with your family and friends for a fun date activities with this week's jam session focusing on succulents and Australian wild flowers. 

Flower bouquets are not limited to special occasions like Mother Day, Valentine Day, Anniversary Day and etc. They are also incorporated into interior designs and apartment living just like that photo as shown above. Fresh flowers and succulents help relax your mind and bring colours to your house , don't you think so? 

Find a day to date your family or friends to join the flower jam sessions, to see yourself on how cheap flowers can be transformed into pretty and luxurious bouquets. Enjoy a special rate of only $40 per person (for the first 3 sign-ups) to learn from their talented team of florists to transform more simple flowers into beautiful bouquet. 

Sign up here to secure your slots. 

Thursday, 8 June 2017


Curious of why so many people are wearing the same clothes queuing up at Wild Wild Wet from my video? Let me tell you why ? ..... Not only them, I'm also excited to join in the fun to kick start the Seeing Double campaign on 4 Jun 2017 to set the Singapore Book of Records for the 'Largest Gathering of Dress Alike Duos'. In addition, there are also free admission to the water park for the first 200 pairs to be dressed alike. 

CHEERS EVERYONE ! We manage to set the Singapore Book of Record with 111 pairs of people dressing alike. 

FRET NOT... this wonderful promotion will not just end within a day. From 04 Jun to 31 July 2017, you can still get to enjoy double the fun for half the price at four key offerings at Downtown East - Wild Wild Wet, D'Resort, Orchid Bowl and eXplorekid. 
Added new rides?

Today, Downtown East is home to D’Resort, Wild Wild Wet, Market Square and MUCE (meeting and conventions facilities).

Wild Wild Wet has been around since 2004 and is one of my favorite water parks when I was in Secondary school. I used to come with my friends especially when we are also staying in the chalet at Downtown East back then. When we entered Wild Wild Wet, we will always proceed to the tsunami wave and relax ourselves along the Shiok River with the float. However, this time round when I went in, it gave me a totally different feel, the area of the place is much bigger and not so cramp as last time. This is because Wild Wild Wet @ Downtown East just completed its expansion and included two newest attractions, Royal Flush and Free Fall.

The Woosh- Singapore's Longest Inflatable Freestyle Water Slide (** Limited period)

With the Seeing Double campaign (in the month of June and July), The Woosh at Wild Wild Wet allows the members of public to enjoy by sliding down the entire length of 50m from a height of 4.5m. As you can see from the picture above, there are dual lanes for the guests to challenge each other or to compete and see who can slide further along the slide. 

*Hint : You have to use the float to slide further.  Have fun and enjoy it with your friends and family. Suitable for everyone especially those who scare of height can also enjoy it.


Royal Flush is Asia’s first hybrid ride combining the Behemoth BOWL40 and TornadoWAVE. A group ride (2 to 4 pax) to be seated on a float. When you slide down , there will be one part where you will be washed high up against the wave board. I must say that this is definitely fun ! 

This water park is not just for adults. There's area for the kids to enjoy with and play. Whee~ As you can see the blue slide, children can bring along a float to slide down.

Free Fall is Singapore’s first near-vertical full-body drop at up to 55km/hour stands at a whopping six storeys high.
The moment when I saw this ride in Wild Wild Wet, I'm feeling a little scared but it's a pity it did not open on that day. Heard that it's super trilling which is 18m high with the sppeed of up to 70km/hr.

For those who are not a pro skaters , you can try this. Dina and myself tried it and we feel so shiok especially the moment when the crew push us down. ** you can feel a jump ! Don't blame me for not informing you, before enjoying the ride, you will have to exercise first by grabbing an inflatable raft to climb up the stairs.  ** Can you see Dina and me in the picture :)

Spanning 335 meters in length, you can enjoy with your friends and family.

Other amenities include locker rental services, children showers, handicap toilets and baby care rooms and Cabana.

What are you waiting? Together with your friends and family come down to Downtown East to enjoy this amazing promotion. I suggest you can spend a day in Downtown East to enjoy this promo.

Wild Wild Wet Admission


Take part in their Instagram contest and stand a chance to win 2D1N staycation package at D'Resort. 

1. Take a wefie anywhere with your twinning buddy or family in identical outfits
2. Upload it on to Instagram and hashtag #SeeingDoubleSG

The top three most creative entries will then be contacted on Instagram via PM within a week after contest closes. (First run : 30 Jun 2017 ; Second run: 31 July 2017)

* Remember to make profile public for the duration of the contest. 

Sunday, 4 June 2017


Guo Da Li
Other than having wedding banquet or tea ceremony to celebrate the special day, another important part not to miss is the betrothal ceremony , otherwise known as "Guo Da Li".  It is the day where important formal meeting between both families and also the say to show the groom's sincerity.

The items used for Guo Da Li usually come in pairs and when you google it there are many different items.

As for my mother , she wanted to keep it simple so she only requested as of below:
** Click on the no.1, 2 and 6 to find out the link.
1. One pair of dragon and phoenix candies --> Bought it from Ezbuy
2. Ping Jin (Red packet ) --> Big Hong Bao can be found at Ezbuy
3. Golden Pig (On actual day)
4. Hard liquor or wine
5. 12 Oranges 
6. Wedding cakes --> From sweetestmoments

Hui Li, The returning of gifts

The bride's family will also return usually half of the gifts ti the groom's side. This is known as Hui Li which signifies that the bride's family accept the gifts and willing to share the joy. 

The Dowry includes (Click on some of the items below to find out the link from Ezbuy):

Wednesday, 10 May 2017


Today beauty product is a brand that need no introduction. Based on the picture above you should know what I'm reviewing today right? It's a brand that most of the ladies know about it. 


Laneige - Korean beauty products has been helping women to achieve clear and healthy skin for over 20 years. Psst! And do you know you can conveniently purchase at any Sephora outlet or even to their online website to shop your favourite Laneige products here! You can also get to enjoy FREE SHIPPING for orders $40 or above. 

Take a look at the packaging , Laneige BB Cushion comes with inbuilt mirror , refill pack. At the price of $59 , you can get to choose the shades that best suit you. There are total 5 different shades include : 13 (True Beige), 21 (Natural Beige), 23 (Sand Beige), 31 (Brown Beige) and 33 (Coffee). As for me , I've chosen No.21 Natural Beige shade for my fair skin. 

6 different benefits includes :

1. Delivering impressive coverage 
White Plus Renew Complex it helps to brighten up the overall skin tone. With this ingredient, it will help to create a brighter and radiant complexion.

2. Hydrates the skin

3. Protects skin from UV rays - With SPF 50++ , the product can helps to protect against harmful UV rays and skin damage.

4. Soothes skin irritation - It has a soothes effect to cool the skin surface to refresh and soothes skin.

5. Water resistant to provide long-lasting make up for up to 12 hours. This is definitely good especially if you are living in Asian country.

6. Natural and clean coverage provide a fresh finish without any stickiness
Tada~ It is a liquid- soaked sponge which contain the BB Formula. Application on the face is easy with the puff provided . You just require to pat it gently on the skin and for more coverage just pat more of it because it doesn't look cakey or thick at all. 

When I  applied it on my face it provides "watery" glowy finishing on the skin. You might thought that your skin is oily at first, but hey, it's not. It's the dewy effect on your face. One thing good is that the coverage is not that thick, perfect for everyday use. So far after use, my face do not have any breakouts or any redness. 

 Laneige Serum Intense Lipstick in ACID PURPLE (P48). Psst! It contains 35% of serum in it.
 I always love lipstick which is a mix of purple and pink.

Love this lipstick as the texture is amazing, it feels so smooth and hydrating with a pretty shine.

Do you know that skin surrounding the pores will become enlarge due to stress and environmental pollution ? Furthermore, with makeup residue it will also worsen the problem. Therefore, in order to tackle the problem to help restore the elasticity to skin and clear clogged pores. Laneige came out with a new skin care - Mini Pore Waterclay mask to solve the issue.
With the Shinan mud clay mixed into a moisture gel cream base, this will help to remove sebum and also help tightens pores and also to hydrate the skin. I used a facial brush for easy apply on my skin.
Laneige Mini Pore Waterclay Mask, 70ml ($38) when applied dries up very quickly. After about 10 minutes ( when the mask dries up) or when spots of sebum forming (which I circle it), do rinse it off with water and apply toner.
Use the sponge provided (rinse with water) for better effect to remove whiteheads/blackheads more thoroughly. My skin felt tighter immediately after using the mask.

Comes with a pretty blue tub, frosted matte exterior for this beauty product. It also provide with a spatula for hygienic usage. Water sleeping mask has evolved into a functional sleeping mask that hydrate, soothe the skin as you sleep. 

The effective ingredients help to forms a porous moisture film to lock in moisture and to deliver deep into the skin throughout 8 hours. With clinical proven, those who used it for seven days, have a improvement in skin moisture. Most of my friends who used this products also keep praising this product. 
The product has a pleasant scent that is not overwhelming which definitely provide you a good sleep. Based on the photo above, you can see that the texture is gel-like and it's super lightweight.  
It spreads easily on the skin ad absorbed quickly when I applied it. Before bedtime, take an appropriate amount and dab it on the nose tip, cheeks, forehead and chin. Gently spread the mask over the mask and leave it overnight.

Woke up in the morning feeling good on my skin, I don't feel oily at all. 
Recommended usage : Twice or thrice a week. 
If you're interested in checking them out, head down to any Sephora outlet or go to their online website @ SEPHORA.SG
Shop your favourite Laneige products here!